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Top 10 Webkinz for Sale Videos

Webkinz for Sale presents you the top 10 Webkinz YouTube Videos. Each of the comments were written by me. Enjoy!


New Webkinz for 2007-2008

Hidden video showcasing the upcoming webkinz, lil kinz, and accessories. Cool sneak peak!

Webkinz Valentine Movie - Kiss Me

A great Webkinz movie with a panda and a horse! It goes really well with the music.

Webkinz Music Video

 Very nice video of Webkinz having fun with a girl who just had her birthday. Comes with a good soundtrack that goes with the video.

Webkinz At The Beach June 2007

Ralph, Bobo, and Splasharoo visited Mustang Island for their vacation. Video has a great slideshow of pictures.

Webkinz Idol

Virtual Webkinz are dancing around in their rooms for a contest. The winner is voted by YouTube viewers from the comments & responses. Creative!

The food you'll find in my webkinz house~The Cheetah Girls~

A girl with way too much food in her Webkinz house!

Webkinz American Idol #2

American Idol with Webkinz toys! Simon is always grouchy as usual.

Webkinz MUSIC: Umbrella by Rihanna

Slideshow of cartoon Webkinz pictures with Rihanna's Umbrella song.

The Webkinz Collection

A video showcasing every Webkinz in the collection.

Webkinz vs. BananaMan

It wouldn't be complete about BananaMan taking back some of the spotlight!

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