Webkinz for Sale


Retired Webkinz for Sale

I have put together a list of all the retired Webkinz out there. I have included the current market value of each retired Webkinz every month. The reason I did it monthly is to recognize trends in prices. If a retired Webkinz is increasing in price extremely rapidly than I need buy it asap. I also included a quick link to eBay because it will by far be the best place to buy retired Webkinz because they will certainty not be available in stores and if they are, they will price it above the eBay market value.

Anyway, this will be an extremely useful guide to me as I plan on purchasing all of the retired Webkinz that has potential. To give you a tip, the best time to buy a Webkinz is when it is just retired because prices will surely increase no matter what for at least a year. The Webkinz craze has only started.

Thanks again for visiting my site and enjoy :).


September Retired Webkinz Update

I just updated the current market values for September. Overall, there seems to be a consistent rise in values other than a couple of the Webkinz. It looks like Cheeky Dog will keep hovering around 1000. The star of the show is Sherbert Bunny who had a nice jump from August. We'll have to keep track of that one!


Name August September Quick Buy

Cheeky Dog

Webkinz for Sale Cheeky Dog

1025.00 1000.00 Buy Cheeky Dog

Cheeky Cat

Webkinz for Sale Cheeky Cat

270.00 275.00 Buy Cheeky Cat

Love Puppy

Webkinz for Sale Love Puppy

141.50 145.00 Buy Love Puppy

Sherbert Bunny

Webkinz for Sale Sherbert Bunny

45.00 59.00 Buy Sherbert Bunny

Basset Hound

Webkinz for Sale Basset Hound

37.00 41.00 Buy Basset Hound


Webkinz for Sale Unicorn

30.00 35.00 Buy Unicorn

Brown Horse

Webkinz for Sale Brown Horse

27.50 35.50 Buy Brown Horse


Webkinz for Sale Pegasus

24.50 32.50 Buy Pegasus

Orange and White Cat

Webkinz for Sale Gold and White Cat

23.50 22.50 Buy Orange and White Cat

Gray and White Cat

Webkinz for Sale Gray and White Cat

20.50 25.50 Buy Gray and White Cat